Plush doll cleaning should pay attention to these

The colorful and fashionable plush toys look very cute and they are also playmates for children, but how to wash plush toys is a problem for mothers. Today, with the editor of Hadai, let's take a look at the cleaning method of plush toys.

First of all, in the process of cleaning plush toys, it is necessary to choose the appropriate water temperature, because some high-end plush toys are prone to shrinkage after encountering high water temperature.

Secondly, in the process of cleaning children's plush toys, it is best to disassemble the different colors and clean them separately to avoid staining. Finally, try to use a neutral detergent for cleaning, so as not to affect the child's health due to residual water stains.

method 1: Materials needed: a bag of coarse salt (big grain salt) and a plastic bag

The dirty plush toys into a plastic bag, put the right amount of coarse salt, then tied the mouth, straining to shake. After a few minutes, the toy is clean, we take a look at the salt has darkened.

Remember: not wash, is sucked Oh! ! Can also be used for different lengths plush toys, plush collar and cuffs;car cushion can also be used

Principle: the use of salt adsorption dirt ,since salt has a strong sterilization effect, not only cleaning the toys, but also effectively kill bacteria and viruses.

method 2: Materials needed: water, Silky detergent, soft brush (or other tools can be replaced)

placed water and Silky detergent in a pot, stir the pot of water with a soft brush or other general tools stir a rich foam, and then use a soft brush dipped foam brush to clean the surface of plush toys, we must Do not dip too much moisture on the brush. Brush clean the surface then with a towel package plush toys , into a basin filled with water wash. Such dust and plush toys in the washing liquid can be cleaned. Then add a softener, plush toys into the basin proper soak a few minutes, and then in a basin filled with water pressure wash several times ,until the pot of water becomes clear by turbidity. The clean plush toys are still with a towel package,into the washing machine in the gentle dehydration, stuffed toys after combing, in the ventilated place to dry.

Note: when drying ,must in the ventilated place to dry., it is best not to exposure, can not fail to sun, not the sun ,can not sterilization; exposure easily discolored.

method 3: more suitable for larger plush toys

Buy a pack of soda, put soda and dirty plush toys into a big plastic bag, fastened bag , hard shake, will slowly find plush toys become clean. Finally, soda powder due to the adsorption of dirt and become gray and black, remove the baking soda to get rid of. This method is more suitable for larger plush toys and plush toys will sound.

method 4: more suitable for electronics, voice series of stuffed toys

In order to prevent plush toys small parts wear on , plush toys accessories with tape glueput into the washing machine to wash mode select washing, drying, hang in the shade to dry,you can Pat plush toys ,can make fur, filling fluffy, soft, plush toys clean shape , will be better restitution. We usually put the right amount washing detergent in water disinfect. but also can add the right amount of detergent or liquid detergent disinfect, reaching anti-bacterial and anti-mite function.

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